Behavioral Health Program Float Nurse - Senior Life Solutions - $3,000 Hiring Bonus

Senior Life Solutions is seeking an LPN or RN to join our team. To apply for this position, please see the website listed in the description below. A complete job description can be found attached to this posting.

Job Description

As an Behavioral Health Program Float Nurse, your focus will be on the 3Cs; Care, Community and Compliance. Care: Manage, lead, and collaborate with a small, interdisciplinary team including a psychiatric physician, a social worker, and a CNA to provide high-quality care to our Older Adult patients as ordered. Community: Assist with engaging your local community (hospital staff, providers, and community resources) through education, presentations, and one-on-one encounters, informing them of our program's services and the overall importance of mental health. Compliance: Ensure implementation of compliant therapeutic services for patients utilizing the program, and oversee excellent patient care, including intake assessments, fall assessments, and treatment plan development.

Please see the complete job description attached to this posting.

Important Note: This position will be based at Van Buren County Hospital. However, the position will not be employed by Van Buren County Hospital, instead they will be employed by our partner, Senior Life Solutions. To apply for this position, please visit this link:


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