Revolutionary MRI Technology Available at VBCH.

posted on 12/28/22

Van Buren County Hospital is fortunate to work with Shared Medical to offer one of the most revolutionary MRI technologies in the area. At Van Buren County Hospital, we are focused on providing Simply Remarkable care for our patients and this technology does just that.

On Wednesdays, the mobile MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine arrives and provides MRI’s using the GE AIR Recon DL technology. Air Recon DL has revolutionized MR (Magnetic Resonance) imaging with its deep learning based

Air Recon DL MR machine available at VBCH.

image reconstruction algorithm.   AIR™, is GE’s family of MR products that includes an award-winning coil design, intelligent productivity applications and all-new reconstruction software. This technology offers a better MR experience, an experience that embraces the clinical power of MR with a more ubiquitous design. Altogether, AIR™ delivers clinical versatility and comfort, intelligent productivity improvements and consistently better image quality.

Things our patients notice:

Comfort- This MRI provides a more comfortable experience with the AIR pad- this pad is light and versatile and are more comfortable when placed on the patient’s body.

Speed- The technology is up to 50% faster in scan times. Scans that once took 30-60 minutes can now be done in 10-15 minutes. This eases the patient’s anxiety when placed into the MRI machine. They no longer have to be encapsulated for an hour or more.

Reviewing the scan during an MRI.

Image Quality- The machine produces far better images. It has the ability to recognize a true signal from a noisy signal and creates the image in real time directly on the scanner console. This technology utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to construct clear clinical images across any anatomy. This AIR Recon technology utilizes intelligent ringing suppression to reduce artifacts in the image. It allows the technician to set the preferred SNR (signal to noise ratio) allowing image to be sharper and enabling higher resolution. Higher signal to noise, higher contrast to noise and higher spatial resolution all means sharper, clearer images for the provider.

This technology is one of a kind for Van Buren County Hospital; it offers more comfort, great resolution, higher SNR and reduced scan time all in one machine. This provides an all-around better MRI experience for our patients. If you are in need of MRI services talk to your provider about the options available at Van Buren County Hospital.

For more information on this machine or any of our imaging services you may contact our Radiology Department at 319-293-8721.

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