Kasha Kite

Chief Nursing Officer

Kasha has worked at Van Buren County Hospital for 14 years.  She started out in the business office as a transcriptionist.  During her time in the office she also learned the billing and coding role, helping set up, at that time, 2006, a new Medicaid Billing format.   Kasha has a passion for learning and teaching, which lead her to explore the nursing world. 

Once accepted into the ADN program at Indian Hills Community College she transferred her job duties to the Med-Surg floor and worked as a nurse’s aide every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until schooling was completed.  She then was able to work her way to a LPN, and then RN on the Med-Surg unit as well as working in Labor/Delivery/Postpartum, and the Emergency Department. 

These roles helped prepare her for the next steps that life would give her, the Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, and currently the Chief Nursing Officer. 

When Kasha is not at work she enjoys spending time with her family.  With four very active children many nights are spent at sporting events.  In her downtime she likes to spend camping and boating with friends and family.  She is an avid reader and a life-long learner.